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* Loosen screw “A”
* Move door in or out as required.
* Tighten screw.
* Check adjustment and repeat if necessary.




* Back out screw 1/4 turn from box
* Move hinge up or down as required
(adjust both if necessary)



* Turn screw “C” clockwise or counterclockwise
* Move door left or right as required.


* After adjusting any door or drawer it is a good idea to tighten all screws again.
* AyA’s warranty will not extend to adjusting doors and drawers after final inspection.








* Back out screw 1/2 turn
* Slide side to side until in desired position
* Tighten screw



* Back out screw #1
* Turning #2 cantilever screw will move drawer up
and down.
* Adjust to desired position
* Retighten screw #1